What is a USB Medi-Chip Medical ID or EMR?

An EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a simple Medical USB device that provides critical medical information when you need it most. How often do you find yourself in a situation where medical attention is required and you DO NOT HAVE ANY details with you for yourself and your family especially when you away from home and outside your usual environment and something occurs?
That’s when you need it most. In an emergency situation critical information about you can be accessed by medical professionals in minutes and ‘CAN EASILY SAVE YOUR LIFE”

If you have any form of Allergy or Illness, a USB Medical ID storage device is essential to have with you at all times. 

For parents with small children with ailments, even pets, this devise should be required to be with them at all times as you do not know when this will be required , such as on a school tours, sport tournaments etc. anything can happen when least expected so always make sure you or your children have an EMR on them. 

A USB Medi-Chip Data Storage Jeweler devise can SAVE A LIFE!