Main Features

4 Gigs Storage
Nothing to Install
No Drivers Needed
Preloaded Software
Easy Tutorial Included
Works on any CPU - PC preferred

More Product Features

HIPAA Compliant and   Doctor Recommended
Insert into any USB Port
Stores All your Medical Info
Easy To Fill In Forms
Encryption Protection
Password Protection
Anti-Virus Program Built In
(Mac and Linux requires Windows  Emulation Program that may be built into your machine already)

Sample Screen Shot of Medical Record

Detailed Features

Holds all your important health records including:
Doctors, Emergency Contacts, Medications, Allergies, Dental Records, Lab Tests, X-rays, MRIs, and more

With 4GBs of capacity it can hold copies of important documents: Included Forms Like:
               DNR (do not resuscitate)
                Living Will
                Limited Power of Attorney
                Consent for Emergency Treatment of a Minor

No need to subscribe to a monthly fee. Just plug the USB chip into your computer and enter your medical history and emergency information


USB Medi-Chip items for safety protection 

Click on Any of The Key2Life Items Below to See the Details for that particular Medi-Chip item, or click on the Add to Cart button next to the Photo.

NOW AVAILABLE ...... Lost or Damaged Warranty Protection Plan
Full warranty against all damages except abuse - 6 mos. $9, 1yr $18, 2 yrs $27
See the details listed under each product page

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Police Body Camera ST-710 With Infrared

Police Body Camera ST-710
With Infrared

SKU: 893522001057-ST-710.
Dimension: L*W*H 84*51*27mm
Weight: 115g
Shipping:  First Class USPS

Police Body Camera ST-900

Police Body Camera ST-900
SKU: 893522001057-ST-900 with GPS.

Dimension: Approx
3.5"x 2" x 1" .

Weight: 5 oz. approx.

Shipping: First Class USPS

Police Body Camera ST-910-GPS

Mini GPS Locator

Mini GPS Tracker


Specialized Safty Items for your protection...........

Police Body Camera ST-910 GPS
SKU: 893522001057-ST-910-GPS

Dimension: Approx.
4" x 2.25" x 1.125"

Weight: 6 oz. Approx.

Shipping:  FirstClass USPS

Mini GPS Tracker
SKU: 892522009525-GPS-Tracker
Dimension: 45*16mm Approx
Weight: 80gm Approx.
Shipping: Same Day

Mini GPS Tracker can help you track Cars, People, including children and family pets on your Electronic devises.

Mini GPS Locator can help you find your car, keys, and other personal possessions including children and family pets.

Mini GPS Locator
SKU: 892522009525-GPS-Locator
Dimension: Approx.
44mm  X 15mm thick 
Weight: 70gm. Approx
Shipping: Same Day

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                                      MAC USERS
Hospitals, Police and Fire Rescue, and most Doctors only use Windows so if this is, for emergency purposes, we recommend that you use the Windows format because the others cannot read the Mac format… but you may choose Mac if you prefer the software to work on Apple based computers