Simply plug the device into any USB port and you are ready to go. Password protected and portions can be encrypted for your protection, the drivers are pre-loaded with the SGMS  copyrighted medical data software. The software is user friendly and comes complete with a step by step tutorial. The laws have changed in the medical field and in the year 2014 all doctors’ offices HAVE GONE PAPERLESS. That means that they must now be able to store your records on a digital format. By having the very best digital EMR Medi-Chip from us your medical records can be either transferred to or from your doctors records.

This flash device stores a person’s vital medical information electronically so that it can be accessed by first responders in an emergency and can be used on any PC or Laptop by using the computer’s USB port. The innovated software not only works within any computer that has a Windows emulator, but will work on any platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX, and others, without a reader or an internet or fax connection! It was designed so that wherever you go in the world, you may carry your vital medical history. Not only is this a valuable tool in a medical emergency, but it is a great way to store your medical history including X-rays, CT scans, MRI's, Dental records, Prescription information, and anything else you can think of; such as Insurance Policies, Passport information, Driver’s Licenses, Photos, etc...all of this is stored in one compact storage device weighing less than 2 oz.

Use our Unique Database Program on your computer to store your medical records (and other vital documents too),