Getting Started with a USB Medi-Chip
Packaged Medi-Chips should come with an instruction card and your user ID and password on back
USER  ID= admin               Password = computek

Plug chip into USB port and left click the start icon                  at lower left of screen, and look for “this PC” or right click and look for “File Explorer”.

1.    Click on the Name or Icon that brings up all the Drives and folders on your PC via the windows file explorer, It could be “This PC”, “My PC”,                              Computer, or just get to File Explorer. Click on the removable disc or drive that has the Medi-Chip files on it. It should look like the one below: (your          drive  may not be (E)), OR the list of files below may show up as listed below when you just plug the Medi-Chip into a USB port, without the need to            look for the “File Explorer” name at all.

You will see that we have an Instruction Video on your Medi-Chip so you can look at it also, to tell you how to get started
anytime in the future as well.

The next step in setting up your chip with your data is as follows:

2.   Double left Click on the K2L EMR N1aG file, at the top.
3.   When it opens, double left click on the 2nd file with the little arrow on it “K2L N1aG”  NOT THE top one that has “.fmpur” after it. 
       It may take 30 seconds to open. 

4.   Then double click on STEP #2. Enter your User name and Password that is provided and click enter & program will open in about another 30 seconds.         Go to instruction video (or just go to top of screen and click on instructions) to see how to change your Name and Password, but write it down                 somewhere so you don’t forget it.

5.  Choose the NEW Patient tab near top to start entering your data. When done with data entre go to extreme top right to click on X
      to close the program.

To reopen program at a later date Just repeat steps 1 -4 above.

   1st Responders would put your Chip into their CPU’s USB port and when the program window
   opens up they would Click on the third rectangular box that says

MEDICAL RECORDS to see your medical data, but would not be able to change it.