This Waterproof USB Medi-Chip will last a life time if taken care of properly.
Below are the instructions form beginning to insert your data into the program..


Please note that this program is not on the internet, web or on line anywhere.
Everything is contained on the chip and will stay on the chip unless you do something to put the data elsewhere.



1-     Insert the chip into the USB Port

2-     Click the start button (bottom left corner of the screen (Microsoft logo)

3-     Click on the word computer (right side of the window that opens

4-     Click on the drive letter that says “Removable Disc”

5-     When it opens you will see 4 folders, EMRJ1, Encryption, Registration/Serial # and Instructions (this page)

6-     Click on Registration/Serial # and write it down as you will need it to continue

7-     Then click on EMRJ1, when it opens there will be two more folders EMRJ1.exe or it might have a black arrow in the middle, and EMRJ1.USR

8-     Click on EMRJ1.exe or with black arrow.

9-     Wait about 30 seconds for it to open as it is checking your computer for viruses

10- When it opens you will see a Lady doctor looking at a CPU monitorand 4 rectangles

11- Click on the one that says step 1 or to register your program click here

12-  When it opens you will see spaces for you to fill in your first and last name, the registration #, and you have to select a user name (lower case) and a password (also lower case no spaces)

13- Make sure to write down your user name and password (I usually write it on a small piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of my keyboard so I always know where it is.

14- Once you have finished this, click on ok and the message we will now take you to the sign in page.

15- Now click on step 2 (the rectangle to the right) and enter your user name and password (lower case no spaces if there are more than one word)

16- When done click ok or enter and you should be on the Personal Info page which is the beginning of the program.


If you receive any error messages that means you did something incorrectly you can either call me at 1-800-410-59101-800-410-5910 FREE or try again, but to save you time I suggest you call me.

The only thing I ask is that you call me after 10:30 am and up till midnight any day and for emergencies you can call me anytime.
If it is a medical emergency call 911


While it seems like many steps you only have to do this procedure one time. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us to help keep you safe.



Norman Eisenberg, PA


305-936-9018305-936-9018 (company office)

1-800-410-59101-800-410-5910 FREE (help line)

786-223-9018786-223-9018 (private line)  (email ) (web site)


USB MEDI-CHIP. If you would like to contact us (USB Medi-Chip) the distributor from whom you made your purchase,
we would be happy to help you. Please call us at 480-684-2402 after 11 AM Pacific time.